An Eventful Week Indeed

A lot has happened to me in the past few days. I adopted 2 pet rats and I named them Rey and Jyn respectively (they’re both girls, obviously). And also adopted a dwarf rabbit that my ex-coworker wanted to take to the shelter, that I named Poe. I went from being all by myself to […]

A Comparison of Past and Present

This was me, a year ago. I had long hair and a different mental state. I was often a little less aware of myself, a lot less mindful and I struggle with many things. I struggled with depression, anxiety disorder, and ADHD. This is me today. I haveĀ  a bald fade on my sides and […]

What I’ve Learned From 2015

I’ve stopped making New Year’s Resolutions years ago because I realized that if I want to change something about my life, I shouldn’t have to wait until the new year to do so. So now, whenever I’m unhappy with something and I make the decision to change, I change it then and there. What I […]

Lessons From Painting

Painting is an exercise in letting go for me. It’s teaching me that it’s ok to let go and that when I let go, I just need to go with the flow and deal with the consequences as they come. I was painting my “warm colors” composition when I went a little over zealous with […]

Left Out

I know I recently wrote about friends and how someone who confesses to struggling with mental illnesses often lose friends because suddenly, you’re a burden to be around. To be honest, this is a topic that is still really really bothering me. In fact, the topic of “friendship” has come up this whole week for […]

What It Was Like To Be A Freshman At 29

So I’ve officially ended my first semester back in college after an 8-year hiatus. The grades are coming in – I’ve gotten 3 grades of 4, with MATH153 still trailing behind the others (which is understandable since the Professor had 200 students to grade for). I’m pleased to announce that I’m currently holding a 4.0 […]

Of Friendship

You can really tell who your friends are by who responds when you’re in need. “I need help with…” is a sure-fire way for one to lose their friends. People with a large Facebook friends’ list need to do this from time to time to weed out the real friends and the friends who are […]