Potential First Tattoo

So I’ve come up with a design for my first tattoo – which I really badly want, but am not sure when I’ll actually get. Last night, my temporary tattoo kit came in the mail so I decided to test out the design, and the placement. I wanted to see what it would look like […]

Eventful Day

It has been an eventful and moderately overwhelming day – both for good and bad reasons. I woke up this morning and discovered that I was low on both Zoloft and Strattera. I was very tempted to let them run out and just quit my psych meds cold turkey. I don’t think that would’ve been […]

Mind Boggling Trig Question

I was up until 4.30am trying to figure out ONE trig question… I’ve never ever worked so hard on a math question in my life. The photo above is just one of the many solutions I’ve tried and I still couldn’t get it to work for some reason… I must be missing something. I have […]

Artistic Doesn’t Mean Dumb

That moment when you tell someone whose major is Mathematics (or anyone in the STEM field for that matter) that you’re an Interior Design major and you get the “Ahh… So you suck at math” look. And the follow up question, “Well I think you probably won’t be able to handle Computer Science because it’s […]

The Night I Realized Who My “Pit Guy” Was

How many of you here are fans of How I Met Your Mother? For those of you who are, you might remember an episode in Season 8 – specifically Episode 11 – The Final Page – where Ted Mosby was so worked up over his old architecture professor who had told him that Ted will […]

Of Pi and Math Geekery

These were my #Inktober drawings for today. I have a fascination with Pi now for some reason. I think it has to do with the fact that I have been using pi a lot in Trigonometry and have a newfound respect and interest for math. I think I’m beginning to become a math nerd. Wow. […]