Of Being Happy and Mindful

I am happy today. I am so happy that my anxiety, and depression are temporarily gone from my awareness. It’s different. Something else is different too. For the first time in my life, I am not afraid to say that I am┬áproud of the fact that I am happy. I don’t have to make excuses […]

Progress on Self-Affirmation

So almost a month ago, I had posted about someone that I had been chatting with – someone that I had met over a dating site in this post (Love Bug). I was supposed to meet them last weekend for the first time and they had reservations about our date. They cancelled, and told me […]

When I Stood On The Top Floor Of The Parking Garage

After the incredible session with S on Monday, I had one that I felt really unsatisfied with on Wednesday. I was unsatisfied because I was in a confused state of mind so for the first half an hour, we talked about something that I didn’t feel was very important and didn’t hit the points that […]

Why I Write

So over on The Mighty‘s closed group for contributors, people are writing short passages on why they write what they write – be it all the articles for The Mighty, other media outlets or their own blogs. I started to read the dozens of responses but as I continued, I started feeling really pained and […]

Fall 2015 Grades

Not bragging but I received another 4.0 this semester and I’m extremely grateful, especially since as you all know, I’ve been struggling pretty badly emotionally and psychologically this semester. I don’t know why exactly but this semester had been a mostly downhill rollercoaster ride and I had been more depressed than I’ve ever been in […]

Thoughts From Therapy – #33

I have several thoughts from therapy today but I probably won’t be able write it in detail until Star Wars craze has died down a little bit and to give time to people to watch the movie because S and I talked a lot about it – not the movie per se, but the things […]