Artistic Doesn’t Mean Dumb

That moment when you tell someone whose major is Mathematics (or anyone in the STEM field for that matter) that you’re an Interior Design major and you get the “Ahh… So you suck at math” look. And the follow up question, “Well I think you probably won’t be able to handle Computer Science because it’s […]

Haunted Asylums

You know… It just occurred to me that before I was diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety and Depression, my impression of the mentally ill have been colored by what I’ve been exposed to in the media. The reason I even bring this up is because I saw in a “haunted house” attraction site that one of […]

We’re NOT Crazy

So another mass shooting happened and what’s the first thing to blame? Mental illnesses! That’s right, cuz all of us who are suffering through mental illnesses are just crazy. We’re so crazy that we all want to shoot people. It’s this stigma that keeps people from getting help – especially since everyone’s first assumption is […]

Glimpse Into the Abyss

I forgot that it’s #Inktober so me drawing this piece this morning was a happy accident. This illustrates the last 6 weeks of my life and still is true but I am learning not to give the abyss too much thought. I’ve stood at the edge of the abyss and looked in. I’ve realized that […]

The Impact Speech that Impacted Others

So I gave my speech today on depression and how it impacts me physically, emotionally and motivationally. I spoke about how tired I always am and how I get strange body aches. I continued by talking about how my depression causes me to be irritable and angry all the time – almost feeling like I’m […]