Of Being Progressive

Today is one of those days where I don’t think I can identify with the traditional term of “Christian” anymore, especially not since I am now a Progressive Christian who believes that a ‘God who so loved the world’ (John 3:16) would not reserve an eternal punishment of hell on people who don’t accept or […]

Social Anxiety

If I could go back in time, one thing I would tell myself would be that it’s okay to tell people “No”, especially when it comes to invitations to hang out, go out, or do a thing. I was what people would call a flaky friend. I would say yes to every invitation. I truly […]

He could’ve…

Today was the third session since I had been back. I wanted about work and school for a good portion of the time. It just occurred to me that the reason that I’ve been so frustrated and angry has been because I’ve been taking many things people say way too seriously. S could have easily […]

Re-Investing In Myself

When I saw the email sender’s name, my stomach actually did flip-flops. It was S. About 2 week or so ago, I had reached out to the CAPS office to re-engage in therapy. I had returned to the state where my school is located, so this meant that I could re-establish care now that I’m […]

Thoughts on The Magicians S4, Ep13

CW: Depression, suicide Spoiler for “The Magicians”, Season 4, Ep 13 If you’d like to indulge me, this is just me being distracted from doing my assignment into the realm of philosophical musings prompted by non-fictional characters and a TV show (“The Magicians”) that many have probably not even seen. I do this a lot […]

Fundamentalist Christianity

Hi folks, It’s been a while. 2020 has been a shitshow since the start but it’s become the new normal. I decided to pour my thoughts into this blog post after stumbling on an article regarding a person’s experience in a fundamentalist church and while the details were different, their experience really resonated with me. […]

I am Me

On May 24th, I had my name legally changed as I swore my loyalty to the United States of America. 2 weeks later, I changed my last name after marriage. It’s so surreal but I now have the name that reflect the true me. I’ve embraced my identity more deeply than ever before. I’m Jules. […]


“Mawwiage… Mawwiage is what bwings us togather today…” – my favorite quote on marriage. It’s been a while since I last updated. Life had been hectic! Between full time school, and full time work, and all the crazy life events that had happened since May, I’d been too busy to update anything. In any case… […]

Smoking Hot

If I hadn’t already discovered that I’m queer, Captain Marvel in The Avengers: Endgame would have revealed that for me. She is gorgeous, and in Endgame, even more so. I know we shouldn’t objectify people – especially not women, but dayyyyyyum. This fangirl (fan-person?) has definitely got a celeb-crush on Brie Larson/Carol Danvers.

Some Thoughts

I’m on some new dosage for my Sertraline (brand name: Zoloft) because things have just been downhill for me since I had returned from the Pacific Northwest. I really think that the PNW is where I need to be in order to be the healthiest version of me possible. The weather and I agree there. The time […]