New Year And All That

So New Year, new me and all that jazz… Happy New Year, folks! 2018 had been a rollercoaster ride for me – between finishing up the internship year in the Pacific Northwest (still one of the BEST times of my life!), and then readjusting back to the Midwest, plus all the ups and downs, it […]

It’s the Little Things

Yesterday, I got the grades for my Fall 2018 semester back. I had bitched and moaned about this semester all semester to Elle – up to the point of her death. She had told me that she knew that I would do fine, and that I’d thrive. She commiserated in the shitty class that I […]

Devastating Loss

On November 27th, my life changed forever. While suffering from a bad head cold, I received a text message from my best friend, C. The text message read, “Elle is gone”. My heart sank. I didn’t want it to be true so I texted him back with, “What?! What do you mean??” “She passed away” […]

First Tattoo!

So I finally did it. I got my first tattoo! After having talked about getting a tattoo for a while now, I finally mustered up the courage (and Chérie also pushed me toward it) to do it. I found a minority owned tattoo shop in a hipster city here in the Pacific Northwest, and found […]

3 Year Anniversary of Therapy

April 22nd 2018 marked my third anniversary for starting therapy. It’s been 3 years since I decided to take life by the rein, and actively work on my mental health. It has been life changing, and I’m truly all the better for it. It was (and still is) rough some days, but I had an […]

Of Inconsistency In Posting

So I often do this thing where I get super gung-ho about something, then as time passes, I forget about the thing I was gung-ho about, or even abandon it altogether. I believe this has happened to me all my life with all manners of subjects/fields/projects. I just don’t have the attention span for it, […]


Recovery takes time. If no one else has told you that before, let me be the first to tell you that. I still can’t believe it’s been 2 years since the process of my recovery began, and though I have made huge leaps and bounds in my progress, I also know that I have a […]