Strange Social Behavior

I’m drained. Burnt out. Stressed out. I’m all kinds of not-doing-well, I guess. I flip-flop between being okay, and not okay throughout the day and some of the time, just feeling nothing at all. I’m a little nervous about seeing S this week – not only because it’s a change in routine (he had something […]

Discomfort For Being Me

Yesterday, I had a session with S where I spent the first 20 minutes talking about how hilarious it was that I had served my group therapy leader, and also spoke about some other unimportant things. I was not in the mood to delve deeper into my issues. I wanted to keep things superficial and […]

When “Suicide” Is Nonchalantly Used As An Excuse

Recently, I was in the room when a conversation began between some people. Normally, it wouldn’t have been a conversation that I would’ve been interested in as one of the participants of the conversation, a girl, was talking about getting something cosmetically done to herself. What has made this conversation stick to my mind was […]

Coping With The Holidays

So my in-laws are visiting for Thanksgiving. I really don’t mind being around them because I’ve gotten used to having them over and stuff. That said, I’m currently upstairs in my little messy sanctuary I call my office because Mother-in-Law decided that she needed a 15 minute nap and I decided to use this time […]