Job Updates

I just got a new job here in the Pacific Northwest area. Today was Day 3 of training, and boy it was tedious. All training programs are though, so there’s that… I’ve finally wrenched myself out of the food industry. I joined an outsourcing company, that handles customer service, as well as technical support. I […]

Psychologists Are Humans Too

I find it ironic that therapists/psychologists are so very calm, collected, and seem to have their life so perfectly balanced when you see them in their office – their comfort zone. However, once outside of that space, they are just like all of us with insecurities, fears, dreams, hopes, and such. Sometimes, it’s easy to […]

Alcohol Screening Test 

I was at the Campus Center again today to perform my duties as a Peer Educator. This time, we were partnered with CAPS to run a free alcohol screening test for the student and campus citizens. The screening is to test for attitudes and behavior towards alcohol consumption. After a student writes down their answer […]

Another Walk-In Session

Hey guys, remember this incident: Walk-In Therapy Session That Bombed? It was the first time ever after a year of sessions at CAPS that I had ever had a somewhat negative experience with a therapist. Now, this is not a reflection of the therapist’s skill or personality but rather my incompatibility with her and how […]

Anxious for Therapy 

I’m anxious to see S tomorrow. I mean, later this morning.  I’m anxious to see him because it felt like I haven’t seen him in weeks when in actuality, it’s really only been 5 days since I had briefly seen him on Friday. I am anxious for our session as well because I have lots […]

Reflections From Today

So I saw Dr W today, my psychiatrist. I told her how I don’t like being on Strattera and how tired it makes me feel. I also told her that it’s not working all that well anymore because I haven’t been able to focus or concentrate on anything lately. She asked me about my stressors […]