New Year

So it’s Day 5 into the new year – technically, as I type this it’s Day 6 but since I  don’t count a day as ending until I turn in to bed, it’s still Day 5 for me – and I’m happy to say that I’ve had an eventful holiday/semester break. Ever since Christmas at […]

On Guilt and Therapy

How many of you here always blame yourself for things and think of yourself as “crap” or “garbage”? Though I can’t speak for anyone but myself, I know I have talked myself down like that countless times and I still struggle with this problem. In fact, this week in therapy, I went over time and […]

You Are Beautiful

As my adorable rabbit, Comet, is suggesting in this photo, it’s time for bed! But before I go, I just want all of you who are reading my blog to know that you are all precious. You are all unique and beautiful in your own way. So if you’re feeling down and depressed right now, […]

A Day of Small Victories

Today was a day of small victories. I’ve been struggling through a depressive episode for the past 4-6 weeks now and it hasn’t gotten much better. In fact, last week itself, I was feeling quite suicidal through the entire week. No matter how much I tried, everything just seemed bleak and negative. I didn’t know […]

The Impact Speech that Impacted Others

So I gave my speech today on depression and how it impacts me physically, emotionally and motivationally. I spoke about how tired I always am and how I get strange body aches. I continued by talking about how my depression causes me to be irritable and angry all the time – almost feeling like I’m […]