Renewed Passion

After the amazing experience I had at the Office of Health and Wellness Peer Educators’ Retreat, I’ve added one more thing that I could potentially do as a future career. I’m looking at different ways I can combine Computer Science with my other passions and I think I’ve got some ideas what I want to […]

Of Relocation and Running Away

I saw someone’s post about how they just want to move to another country and start over where no one knows them and it inspired this post – which I had written initially as a reply to her post. You see, I pretty much ran away. I moved to the United States in December of […]

A Stable Day of Positivity

So today, which is actually yesterday now that I’m looking at the time, has been one of the more stable days I’ve had this past week. It’s been quite a roller coaster for me – days when I was down, I was inconsolable while days I was high, I was almost too hyper to speak […]

Practice Emotional Hygiene

This is VERY powerful. If you have 18 minutes, watch this: It opened my eyes because I realize that loneliness is what I’ve been suffering from because I have this skewed perception that people around me just don’t care about me all that much. Even when my husband shows me so much love daily, I […]

Thoughts From Therapy – Session #25

“So how are you doing?”, my therapist asked me as I settled in on his couch. A million things ran through my mind although almost all of them were connected. I started with something mundane, about how physically, my body’s been out of whack this week since I’ve been sleeping until noon a lot lately […]

The Night I Realized Who My “Pit Guy” Was

How many of you here are fans of How I Met Your Mother? For those of you who are, you might remember an episode in Season 8 – specifically Episode 11 – The Final Page – where Ted Mosby was so worked up over his old architecture professor who had told him that Ted will […]