Avoidance of News

Today’s session with S had been emotionally and physically exhausting. It wasn’t his fault of course. Rather, it was all of the things that I talked to him about; all the things I made myself feel all at once today. I was overwhelmed this past week and I had numbed myself through it all until […]

Of Bravery

So out of the blue, I just decided to play an online quiz – this time, I was curious to see what my Hogwarts House would be. Being a protector and leader-type, I’ve been placed in Gryffindor very consistently in the past. On rare ocassions, I get put into Ravenclaw because I am pretty bookish. […]

Spiritual Atrophy

As I was revising the information that I had to know for the completion exam for the Health and Wellness Promotions Leaders Academy, I came across something very interesting in the “Spiritual Health” module that I had accidentally skipped. It says under “Spiritual Atrophy” that someone who is experiencing spiritual atrophy have the following traits: […]

Lashing Out After Session

Due to the nature of the topics we covered today, the belligerent and stubborn angry “teenager” emerged. I took up more of S’ time than I should’ve because I refused to¬† acknowledge that I’ll be okay for the rest of the week. The “teenager” decided that she wanted to hurt herself. S asked me if […]

What Does It Mean to Let Go?

Since yesterday’s session with S, I had been thinking about what he said – specifically what he said about letting go; “You don’t need to feel the guilt and shame. You didn’t do anything wrong. You couldn’t have known.” and at one point, I think he even used the words, “Let go of these emotions”. […]

When “Suicide” Is Nonchalantly Used As An Excuse

Recently, I was in the room when a conversation began between some people. Normally, it wouldn’t have been a conversation that I would’ve been interested in as one of the participants of the conversation, a girl, was talking about getting something cosmetically done to herself. What has made this conversation stick to my mind was […]

Self-Blame, Guilt and Blame-Shifting

It was a good thing that I had actually made the decision to go to CAPS on Wednesday. As I suspected, I started having a really bad transition into the weekend (I work Thursdays to Sunday so I often classify Thursday – Sunday as my weekend). If I hadn’t seen the on-call therapist, J, when […]